Only God Forgives review

Only God Forgives review 2.5 bananas!

In a nut­shell: Only God For­gives looks great, sounds great, sym­bol­ism for the sake of sym­bol­ism. It stars Ryan Gos­ling’s face.


BANANA RATING: 2½ out of 5


  1. theipc says:

    EXCELLENT as always!

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Thank you! When’s the dead­line for the next Shit­fest by the way?

      • theipc says:

        Hon­estly — I wanted it to be the 31st but everyone’s been so busy with the hol­i­days that I haven’t received much — it might be a SHITFAIR. So — still open!

        • Monkeyboy says:

          Well, I could prob­ably get some­thing done for the 31st, but if you wanted to extend the dead­line into Janu­ary, a Feb­ru­ary Shit­fest might not be so bad, if you want to get more posts! Up to you of course. You might get a sud­den rush of entries nearer the day anyway.

  2. 70srichard says:

    Ryan Gos­ling, gradu­ate of the Nat­alie Port­man school of drama.

  3. CMrok93 says:

    So true. Gos­ling def­in­itely used his poker face well here.

    • Monkeyboy says:

      I’m not even sure it was Gosling’s real face. I think they just took a pho­to­graph of that one expres­sion, then digit­ally put it on top of another actor’s head. The real Ryan Gos­ling was prob­ably at home, watch­ing a Break­ing Bad boxset.

  4. Mark Walker says:

    Haha! Inter­est­ing take on it Mon­key. Great post!

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Cheers, Mark. After Drive, I really wanted to love this movie, but I was dis­ap­poin­ted. It looks gor­geous, and the soundtrack is awe­some. But mostly, it’s like watch­ing paint dry.

  5. Nostra says:

    You for­got one: He gets his ass kicked ;) Per­son­ally I loved the movie though, one which ended up in my top 10 for 2013 actually.

  6. ckckred says:

    Couldn’t have summed it up bet­ter myself ;-)

  7. I was totally engrossed by this one. Sorry you didn’t like it so much.

    • Monkeyboy says:

      I wanted to like it a lot more than I did, as I loved Drive. Refn seemed to pulling back from the more main­stream suc­cess that he had with Drive. Felt closer to some of his earlier stuff like Val­halla Rising (which I quite enjoyed, admittedly).

  8. thycriticman says:

    Laughed out loud. A buddy of mine put this in his top five, and I have been mean­ing to watch it. How­ever, a 2 in a half does not make me want to rush.

    • Monkeyboy says:

      It’s a gor­geous look­ing, beau­ti­ful sound­ing film. But the story needs more meat on its bones. I just didn’t find it very sat­is­fy­ing. It’s not even a case of “not get­ting it”, the film is blatant with its sym­bol­ism: lots of stuff to do with hands etc. It’s not a hard film to understand.

      You should abso­lutely watch it though. It’s one of those films that splits opin­ion down the middle, it seems. You might end up lov­ing it. And that’s fine. I just expec­ted more after Drive. It feels like a step backwards.

      • thycriticman says:

        It really is get­ting that sort of reac­tion. The friend who loved it did men­tion he let the story slide just because of how won­der­ful it looks. I’m a tad bit more picky when it comes to good script writing.

        I think I will. With that said, I still have not watched Drive or The Place Bey­ond the Pines either. Have not seen much of Gos­ling other than Gang­ster Squad or Lars and the Real Girl from ages ago.

        • Monkeyboy says:

          Fun­nily enough, Gang­ster Squad and Lars and the Real Girl are two Gos­ling films I haven’t seen yet. Place Bey­ond The Pines is less of a Gos­ling film than Drive. Don’t really want to say much more than that for fear of spoilers.

          • thycriticman says:

            I may take a day or two to catch up on him, as most do say he is a good actor. Any­ways, I just feel a real need to inform you that Gang­ster Squad is pure pop­corn action and beau­ti­ful cine­ma­to­graphy, with a script that could have been a lot, lot more. Falls into the same cat­egory as you described with this film actually.…

  9. OMG this movie was so annoy­ing. Ryan Gos­ling is hot, that’s all I like about this film. Aes­thet­ic­ally it’s great, it’s like watch­ing an edit­or­ial for a magazine come alive, but the story was try­ing to hard to be avant garde.

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Hi, I’m nor­mally much quicker reply­ing to com­ments, but have been busy mess­ing with my site’s lay­out!! Agree the film looks lovely. I don’t think it could look more beau­ti­ful, but bloody hell, the story… very tedi­ous at times.

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