Batman vs Superman? Whatever. X-Men: Days of Future Past? Meh! Avengers: Age of Ultron? Pffft!! Bananaman, that’s right, Bananaman (!!) is hitting screens in 2015!!

What’s that you say? Who the hell is Bananaman? Good question. In the UK, he’s something of a British institution in the world of kid’s comics. Outside of the UK? Well, I’m not so sure. So let’s start with a bit of background information.

But no, wait, before we do that, check out the announcement page for the movie. Done that? Good.

He started life back in 1980, as a major character in Nutty comic, and was created by Dave Donaldson and Steve Bright, and drawn most notably by John Geering. When Nutty comic collapsed, it was merged with The Dandy, and Bananaman found a new home. However, as recently as December 2012, The Dandy then ceased to be. Luckily, Bananaman lives on in the pages of one of The Dandy‘s biggest rivals back in the day, The Beano.

Bananaman was always designed as kind of a spoof of superheroes, a mix of Superman and Batman, among others. His alter-ego is actually a little kid called Eric Wimp (in an animated cartoon series, this was changed to Eric Twinge), who upon eating a banana, transforms into Bananaman.


His powers have varied over the years. Above all, he has has super strength. His other abilities are, with some of them being tongue in cheek: flight, invulnerability, breathing in space, Helium-boosted heat finger, and intense stupidity. Yes, that last one really is one of his powers! He also has some Batman style gadgets: thermal banana, banana laser gun, and electronic thermal underwear (I presume to keep his banana warm).

As you can see, bananas are kind of a theme.

I loved Bananaman as a kid. Typically British, the stories were irreverent, and goofy. Perhaps, without realising, they were also a pretty good advert for healthy eating. The more bananas he ate, the more powerful he became. However, mouldy bananas were like kryptonite to him. I used to copy out whole comic strips of Bananaman, and make up my own daft stories with him in them. He was a pretty big part of my childhood.

So, as you can imagine, my jaw pretty much hit the floor when I found out they’re making a goddamn Bananaman movie! Did you check out the link in the second paragraph? If not, here it is again. It comes with the hashtag of #peelthepower, and a theme that probably gave me more goosebumps than most well-known blockbusters. Amusingly, I’ve also read that in the comics they’ve started using the tag line, “Man of Peel”.


Bananaman, and some of the villains he fights, including General Blight and Appleman!

Of course, there’s every chance that the movie will never live up to expectations. Details are scarce at the minute. Is it live action, or animated? My guess would be the latter, and it will have to go some way to topping anything that Pixar can churn out (well, okay, maybe not Cars). But who knows? I’d like to be proved wrong.


  1. theipc says:

    hmmmm – do I remember this from my youth?? For some reason I have vague memories of this….

  2. MojosWork says:

    Oh Bananaman. This takes me back. Hopefully it succeeds and they take Marvel Studios’ lead by following up with Danger Mouse and Count Duckula, before all three team up in an epic blockbuster in 2022.

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Hell yeah, they would have to set it in Big City which has come under attack from Caractacus P. Doom. The Avenger Penguins would be called in to assist.

      • MojosWork says:

        Okay, so I take great pride in remembering not only obscure cartoon characters from yesteryear, but also their theme songs. I mean, I remember things like the short-lived Legend of Zelda toon, Dino Riders, and RUDE DOG! So I’m ashamed to say I have never EVER heard of Avenger Penguins, and that intro is so badass, I would have surely recalled hearing it at least once.

        • Monkeyboy says:

          It was made by Cosgrove Hall who made Dangermouse, but was nowhere near as successful, so probably understandable if you’ve never heard of it. To be honest, if you look at the Wikipedia page for Cosgrove Hall, they did a ton of other kids programmes that I’ve never heard of.

  3. movierob says:

    I actually do recall seeing Bananman in the states. can’t recall when tho.

    NIce post!

    • Monkeyboy says:

      For the record, I was never a massive fan of the cartoon. I preferred the comics, which I’m guessing probably even less people have seen in the states. Whether that bodes well for the film…

  4. ruth says:

    There is actually a character called Banana­man? WOW!! I grew up w/ some European comics like Tintin and this Dutch spy series Danny & Katia among them, but I’ve never heard of this! I can’t imagine a live action version of this though, but hey, if Pixar did this like The Incredibles, it could be a lot of fun!

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Haha, yes, there really is a Bananaman. I imagine they’ll probably have a tenth of the budget of a Pixar movie, so lord knows how it’ll turn out. :) As for Tintin, I loved those comics as a kid. But I’ve never even heard of Danny & Katia! Will have to check those stories out somehow.

  5. This sounds hilarious, I love that British irreverent humour. Some of those super powers sound more like side effects hehe. I’ll have to keep my eye out for this when it comes out.

  6. John Zoro says:

    What’s Next? Count Duckula in 2016?

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