Trailer Checklist: Under the Skin (in which Scarlett Johansson plays an alien seducing the locals in Glasgow, Scotland, yes really)

You wait ages for a Scarlett Johansson movie where she plays an alien seducing unsuspecting Glaswegians, and then three turn up at once. Actually, no, only one has turned up. Which, let’s be honest, is hardly a surprise.

Now, whilst this trailer isn’t exactly new, you may not have seen it, so it’s definitely worth a look. Besides, even though the film has just been released at the cinema, it’s on a very limited run, so chances are the trailer is about as close as we’ll get, until the film hits the shops. Here it is…

Let’s check a few things off…

  1. Creepy music. BIG EYEBALL.

  2. Scarlett‘s looking at someone laid on the floor… it looks like her to be honest, I think some innocent whose body she’s pinched. If you’re an alien and want to pinch someone’s body, I would say Scarlett Johansson‘s is a pretty good choice.

  3. Of course, that could mean we then just get a ninety minute film of the alien touching themselves in front of a mirror.

  4. Not a bad thought, actually.

  5. Ahem, anyway, Scarlett now appears to be cruising the streets of Glasgow, checking out random guys to pick up.

  6. And, wait… is she trying to do an English accent? It sounds like she’s auditioning for Tomb Raider. But in a strange way, it seems to work, making the alien seem even more alien.

  7. She has a place about thirty minutes away. She’s in her bra and knickers now. This is getting good. But they’re in some sort of dark lake of some kind. I can’t see what’s going on.

  8. BIG EYEBALL. Motorbike. Scarlett is in some sort of weird golden, sparkly thing, and now there’s what looks like blood disappearing into the distance. I have no idea what’s going on.

  9. I really do have no idea what’s going on.

  10. It looks fantastic.

And finally, here’s a one minute clip from the movie, which features Scarlett driving at night…



  1. Mark Walker says:

    This could be complete nonsense, Monkey, or it could be a fantastic addition to the genre. How knows? I think it can easily go either way. That being said, as a Glaswegian myself, I wouldn’t mind getting picked up by the lovely Scarlett. ;)

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Are you sure you didn’t bump into her, Mark? The director shot some of it with hidden cameras, and just filmed her hitting on the locals, apparently. ;)

  2. theipc says:

    ScarJo can pinch my knickers ANY DAY. Any night. Even in public.

    And I would BUY a movie based on bullet three. Unless it was Cathy Bates.

  3. Heard such mixed things about this but I still wanna see it to make up my own mind. Sure I’ll come away scratching my head though.

    • Monkeyboy says:

      Yep, it does look to be something of a head scratcher. These types of films usually end up either being loved or hated. Doesn’t look like there’ll be anything inbetween.

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