A Gun For George (aka The Reprisalizer)

A Gun For George (aka The Reprisalizer)

I’ve been mean­ing to post about this one for a while, only it’s been a bit tricky, as the 17 minute short film by Mat­thew Hol­ness was, for a long time, not avail­able to watch on You­tube. But now it is. The film is called A Gun for George. But what is it exactly? Well, it’s kind of like this…

In nineteen-seventies Bri­tain, you prob­ably lived on one of two types of street.

One street would have been like a Carry On film, where old blokes smoking pipes leaned on walls and leched over mini-skirted women wear­ing those funny tops that kind of made their tits go all squashy and side­ways. The local Mayor would be vis­it­ing, and in a series of com­plic­ated events he would acci­dent­ally get his trousers ripped off, reveal­ing boxer shorts with love hearts on them, to the accom­pani­ment of a swan­nee whistle.


The second type of street would have been more like Get Carter or Death Wish, the roads awash with the blood of degen­er­ate scum, vic­tims of a rage filled vigil­ante dis­pens­ing lone wolf justice to avenge the death of his brother, sis­ter, par­ents, or pet dog. This street is bleak and unfor­giv­ing, shrouded in per­petual gloom cast by the tower­ing block of flats nearby. Sirens wail in the dis­tance… a panda car on route to the scene of another sense­less killing by sav­age punks.

A Gun for George belongs in the second of the two worlds, and is writ­ten by, dir­ec­ted by, and star­ring Mat­thew Hol­ness. It’s actu­ally a taster for a full length fea­ture film called The Repris­al­izer. Check it out below. It’s well worth a watch. A tale of urban justice, where the line between fantasy and real­ity becomes blurred for pulp nov­el­ist, Terry Finch. The film’s tongue is planted firmly in its cheek, yet it’s also strangely moving.

So when is the actual full length film out? Buggered if I know. It seems to have been quite a while in the mak­ing now, with scant news of its pro­gress. In an odd way, I quite like that. Thanks to the inter­net, movies do tend to suf­fer from inform­a­tion over­load in their run up to release. The lack of news feels old school, a bit like The Repris­al­izer himself.

But if you’re hanker­ing for more, check out the offi­cial web­site. It con­tains bits of back­ground fla­vour, includ­ing book excerpts and stuff like the rather funny pic­ture below…



  1. theipc says:

    I’m fuck­ing in on this one — if it ever comes out around here :)

    • Monkeyboy says:

      It looks awe­some, doesn’t it? Not sure how the full film will work, if it will be an exten­sion of the short film (it does have an open end­ing), or just com­pletely reshot. You should check out the TV show Mat­thew Hol­ness did, called Garth Marenghi’s Dark­place: an inten­tion­ally bad nineteen-eghties style TV show set in a hos­pital plagued by super­nat­ural goings on! :)

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